Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Testing - One, Two, Three

Every time I turn around, we seem to get significant snowfall. Here again today, another 6-inches is hitting the ground and I just got word from my boss that the gym is delaying opening until 8AM tomorrow morning. I usually open at 5:15 but there are indications that the parking lots won't be clear and the roads won't be safe to travel until mid-morning.

Where to put all of this snow is a serious concern. Roofs are starting to collapse and a snowbank just isn't a normal snowbank anymore.

From the picture I took outside the hotel parking lot where my gym is, you can see not only how tough it is to shovel this snow out, but you might also get a better idea of the concern I have as a cyclist on the roads right now and why I have taken my workouts indoors for awhile.

Climb every mountain... oh, never mind.

I haven't completely given up on my dream goal of an earlier start to riding and to that end, used a recent blizzard to test out my new thermals. Shoveling snow in full attire, I'm now leaning towards not using the balaclava at all. I think it might be overkill and it certainly doesn't lend itself to great vision. The fashion statement it makes is beyond sublime.

I did buy a pair of Wigwam arm warmers and a thin pair of wool ski socks. The wool socks I was wearing fit into a pair of trail running shoes that I wore during a test walk but the thickness wasn't very comfortable and I thought it best to go thinner for longer bike rides.

I also just found a great web site for those that are looking for winter cycling options. It's IceBike. The site actually looks a little outdated (the "latest" news is that the Alaska Ultra Sport is now accepting entries for the 2006 race - get on it, guys) but there are apparel reviews and good tips for dressing for the weather.

One real nugget I found was a link to a little web shop called Foxwear. The reviews for their cold weather apparel are encouraging and the service is supposed to be personalized.There's a good chance I'm going to spring for a pair of their tights as my polypropylene will do well enough on the bike but might be a little too heavy for road running.

In the meantime, I work out indoors and wait. While waiting in line at the bank yesterday, I noticed the radio was playing the Beach Boys' hit, "Kokomo." I nearly started sobbing and/or singing, either of which would have probably have led to me being taken into custody. This weather is beating all of us down.


  1. We are now sharing your bad weather. One inch of snow shut our city down. Needless to say we haven't ridden since Monday.

    Your cold weather gear preparation is interesting. Our "cold" weather gear is designed to keep us warm when the temperature is in the 60's.

  2. @Roy and Christine - I've been tracking the storms as they roll across the country. What you're getting can't be any fun!
    Your cold weather gear is probably appropriate for what you're used to.

    The endurance test isn't a cold weather showdown and riding is supposed to be enjoyable, right? I'm just doing what I have to do get in riding shape. Your crew is already doing a great job of that.