Saturday, October 1, 2011

Met One Goal

Guess what? My Piece O'Crap car finally passed inspection! Yes, it took 2.5 months of fighting with our local National Tire and Battery to get the parking brake to work... and they never did, but the SpeeDee Oil Change (where I got the sticker) fixed NTB's mistakes in one day.

Conclusion, NTB can give you great tires, just stay away from them when it comes to brake work.

Even the mechanic at SpeeDee said not to put any more money into the car (which we've known all along) and figured I might get another year out of it if I "baby it." That said, I doubt the upcoming New England winter knows how to baby a car but at least the mechanic gave me referrals to two places where I can get cheap and reliable used cars if the same scenario of The Legend of the Money Pit Car tries to play itself out again before I can put together financing for a new one.

Now that I can drive around without worrying about being pulled over because of that blasted Rejection sticker, I am starting to get rolling on my training routine.

I added two spin classes to my week, giving me a total of three which will help keep my cardio amped as my on-road cycling mileage decreases with the seasonal changes. I can add in the pool sessions next week and I might actually be able to meet up with people for group rides although I was just noticing that the next two Sundays feature rides out of my car's "baby zone." At least I can still head on over to the Blackstone River Bikeway for some mid-week riding fun.

Of course, the one thing I can always count on here in New England is inconsistent weather patterns. Last night, the forecast for today was for an "occasional shower." What actually happened was an occasional let-up of some hard core downpours. So instead of getting in local hill repeats in-between rain droplets this morning, I opted for the comfort and safety of the treadmill at the clubhouse (put the emphasis on "safety" as that "comfort" thing only applies for the first 15 minutes I'm on the contraption, then I'm just as soaked as if I had worked outdoors).

How much fun can a Red Sox fan have in one week? Kind of ironic that they would "DNF" their season, too. Oh, well. At least no one will ever accuse me of being an over-paid prima donna.

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  1. Congrats on getting the car fixed. Been there, done that. I had a sentimental Camaro that I took in for a tune up. Snowballed into an almost new motor. Six months later one of my sons threw a rod. Junked it.

    Rain? I will have to google that to see what you are talking about.

    Good workout plan. Now if we can keep up motivation when it is easier to sit by the fire.