Sunday, November 20, 2011

Much Rejoicing

I finished my personal fitness training classes! I don't know if I passed the test yet, but at least no one is going to be measuring my fat again any time soon ("and there was much rejoicing").

I just love Terry Gilliam.

As there are many similarities to this certification, we were encouraged to take the AFAA exam as soon as possible (it's supposedly easier) but right now, my head is fogged over with the case studies I just went through. I also have an indoor cycling certification course (AFAA) coming up in a couple of weeks so I can sub at my club in case of a last-minute no-show by an instructor so I don't know when the next test is going to happen.

Since I was at the gym discussing the certification with friends, I've already had several inquiries as to when I would be available to train. While my bank account will be happy to hear this, I will have to start carving out chunks of time to make myself available for clients without forgetting to take time to look after myself and continue training for my own goals. It's odd though because it's the first time I've ever had potential clients/customers without first having a business.

It goes back to that one-to-one networking idea I talked about a few weeks ago. For the woman that is hoping to launch a personal training career from her basement but rarely even ventures to her local Planet Fitness to meet and interact with potential clients or even with people who could lead her to potential clients, this road is going to be much more difficult. Let's face it, if you want to start a skydiving school, you won't get the most out of your networking efforts by hanging out with the Bridge Tournament crowd.

That means I'll be dedicating some time each day both to the gym and to the books - continuing my education to give my clients the best information possible to help them reach their goals.

Right now, it's on to my next goals. My swimming and running have taken a backseat to my studying and it's time to knock the dust off those two disciplines and start working with a goggle towards Spring, which is only a few months of blistering cold, a few (dozen) feet of snow, and a couple of cannibalized minstrels away.

Sure, sure. Always picking on the band.