Monday, October 15, 2012
Now that Autumn is here, my bike riding has tailed off considerably and a very noisy knee that started out as a, "What the heck is that? My knee?" sound in June turned into an, "Uh,oh...." sound in October and is now something that I'll need to address over the next couple of months. It's been enough of a concern that I stopped running again but it will have to wait until after I deal with the abscess on my gum line and some deep scaling that my dentist lined up for me. I swear, he only decides to do these things when the holidays are around the corner.

Meanwhile, it's just about that time of year when I need to do some evaluations on my strength and mobility. There's really no point in starting a strength training program until I figure out what muscle groups are out of balance so that's my first goal of this week.

0% Body Fat!

As a subscriber of the Voler Apparel email newsletter, I came across this interview Marilyn Trout did with Masters world record holder, Charlotte Miller. She went into detail regarding some of her training and this winter, I'll be incorporating the Arnie Baker 12-Week Progressive Workout Series on the trainer which he discusses in his book, Smart Cycling (available used via Amazon).

The other takeaway for me was Max Testa's concept of periodization. He briefly discusses this in Chapter 6: Better Progress of the book he co-authored with Dr. Eric Heiden, "Faster, Better, Stronger." I'll be implementing the third type of periodization he discusses (Hardest, Hard, Moderate, Easiest, Repeat).

I'll also be adding in some yoga. I hate yoga. I loathe yoga. But,like my friend who's a certified yoga instructor says, "It feels so good when you stop." It's the kind of thing that should be done with an instructor to watch your form but I also hit the Sadie Nardini YouTube channel for hints and reminders when I want to practice at home.

First things first though. I'll be hitting the drugstore for more dental floss... and Halloween candy.

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  1. As I read your tribulations, review mine, and recall Christine's description of her fall yesterday (just bloody arm, sore shoulder and hip), I conjure images of the soldiers of the American Revolution with the fife, drum, and flag bravely marching/limping down the road-- battered but with pride.

    My working out at the gym took an abrupt halt, so I will have all kinds of muscles out of balance when I get back to exercising in the gym.

    I am happy to see that you are building a winter training plan. Good luck with it, and I will be watching your progress.