Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm Almost Back

Quick updates:

  • Although there's been no official announcement, the gym where I work is closing at the end of the month. I have other work lined up but it's not in the fitness industry and certainly not worthy of any more typing. Whether I continue in the industry in any capacity remains to be seen.
  • I'm still looking for a new pool to train in. Since indoor swimming holes are scarce in these parts, I've narrowed it down to three places rather quickly. Once I make a final decision, I'll write more on that.
  • My video card is going off the deep end. I'm getting BSODs at least once a day, all pointing to the ATI driver. Of course, with a decrease in income just around the corner, computers and peripherals have been low on my priority list. I write about it because it is the main reason I haven't been posting since that nasty flu bug. In fact, I'm writing this in Notepad and will save it before I cut and paste it into my blog. Finding a picture before posting is a horror show.
  • Okay! I think that about sums up the past 90 days... except... has anyone else ever gotten a flat tire while on their trainer?


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world. Been wondering about you.

    After the effort to become a PT, it seems a shame not to continue in the fitness world. But life has a way to guide us to into great opportunities.

    Yes, I have had a flat--and a blow-out--on a trainer (CompuTrainer). After the blow-out, the bike shop gave me a new tire, then started using his own tire to put on my bike before workout.

    Slowly getting back into the old routine. I was able to start riding again the last part of January. Working out at the gym four times a week.

    You are probably aware of the next topic from your PT training. But when I went back to the gym, on things such as the leg press, I was rapidly improving. Then I had a thought and tested my legs. I put the weight to 10 pounds and just pushed with my left leg. Couldn't do it. Put the weight way higher and used my right leg. Piece of cake!! My progress was my right leg, my left was just going along for the ride.

    On as many exercises as possible, I now do the exercises alternating legs. Progress much slower.

  2. Hello. Anyone there? I hope your computer didn't crash. Still waiting for an update.