Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Nowhere Fast

Maybe some dang star or planet has gone retrograde but I can't seem to get moving lately. Oh, I did get my bike out on the road... and that's all I have to say about that. Then something weird happened. The spin classes are still going well and I've even started putting together some 1-hour playlists for subbing. I got a call to teach last Sunday which made me feel very good since I knew the instructor takes a poll as to which sub they want back. It's the first time in 50 years that I've been the popular girl.

Superior Super Gals
As a side note to the photo above, I have heard many positive things about kinesiology tape recently.

There was another bright spot. I have recently noticed that some of the trees around here were in dire shape. In fact, I was at the mall the other day picking up bird seed when I noticed an entire line of trees with the same malady and it concerned me so much that I snapped a picture of them with my cell phone.

Yes. I had forgotten what trees in bloom look like. Then I started feeling a little better.

Something I like to do as a pick-me-up is to help out other people so first off, there's a site I found online that I'd like to share. It's from a guy named Michael that has a site called Lean Body Lifestyle.

I think his primary motivation for this is looking lean (maybe a "6-pack for the Ladies" kind of guy) and he has some of the BEST TASTING healthy recipes I've ever tried which is saying something since I know that what you can get stuck eating when trying to get lean usually tastes like almost-cooked egg whites :shudder:. These recipes make me feel like I can actually eat food again without feeling guilty! If you're looking to sneak in a few lighter meals without alerting your loved ones that you're trying to be healthy, this is a good place to start.

The next thing is that I've decided to do Boston's Walk for Hunger on May 6th. It's 20 miles of walking with several thousand of your closest friends through Boston's neighborhoods. I've done it several times in the past and it's always interesting. The Walk for Hunger is put together by Project Bread which raises money for regional soup kitchens, churches, and other local groups that feed the poor. If you'd like to help me out with a small donation, you can visit my personal donation page by clicking here.

You can read more about Project Bread here.

Now, back to focusing on those goals I had set plus I noticed that the Rhode Island Ocean Tides Senior Games are back this year. I think I'll sign up for those bike races again and my goal will try to stay on course for a change.

Time to get rolling...