Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can I Get a Do-Over?

It's been said that the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I have to submit that the Express Lane to Hell is taking action on those good intentions. In effect, you're better off choosing an unpaved road in the first place - or staying at home.

The year started off with me getting the flu, feeling those body aches that seemed to be a blueprint of what I was going to feel like when I'm 85, a broken tooth and still no car.

Way to blast out of the gate.

A week later and things are looking brighter. Another trip to the dentist that was much, MUCH cheaper than I was expecting, the flu is gone so my workouts are starting to get on track again... and still no car. Okay, that's not exactly a success story but it's better than roller-blading along on the Good Intentions expressway.

On the job front, I can't really promote myself as a personal trainer until I get a reliable set of wheels, but as a domain investor/website flipper, things are starting to pick up pace as I streamline my development work-flow. That's really the only way I can continue to finance my adventures in the water and on two wheels. In fact, I felt so good about my business this weekend that I actually bought a pair of bike shorts and a new jersey (on clearance, of course). Um... don't tell my husband - let it be a surprise :cough!:

So, when things are looking down, take a breather and look up because while we can't get "do-overs," we can still clean and re-grease our chain, check our tires, check which way the wind is blowing and change direction.

Welcome to 2012! TAKE TWO.


  1. Sounds like a rough start on the new year. Hope the year keeps getting better and better.

    I am sure your hubby has heard it before--"But it was on SALE!!" All too frequently, Christine will sneak something in and as I spot it for the first time--"Is that new?" "Yes, but it was on sale!"

    Remember your encouraging me to stretch? Could have added "and you need to build in recovery time." I came back from Christmas bent on getting a good start on the year. Worked out at the gym three times a week, worked out on the CompuTrainer (still on my constant 6% climb), and then we would ride on the road 2-3 a week. This past Sunday went mountain biking. Tuesday I noticed I was tired on the CompuTrainer and not progressing very much. So I am building in two rest days in the week and see if it goes better.

  2. IT WAS ON CLEARANCE!! Is my catch-phrase. Of course, my hubby knows that the secret to pleasing his woman is all in how he hands me a credit card ;)

    Recovery time is something that should be a "given" but it's best left to the individual to figure that out for him/herself. Especially when dealing with an individual that has a competitive mentality, it can be difficult to convince them that more training doesn't always equal more progress. Since I'm 50 I take every 4th day as a "rest" day. That doesn't mean that I don't do anything, it just means I shouldn't be pushing threshold numbers or heavy weights. That means a road ride might be an easy cruise or I work on technique during my swim session instead of heavy laps. It also means I don't have the same schedule every week which is great at helping relieve the monotony of training.

  3. After taking a day off, I posted some of my best stats going on my 6% grade training ride.

    As a continued experiment, next week instead of doing "nothing" on Wednesday, I think I will just work on the upper body and core--no leg exercises.

    We are thinking of riding tomorrow. Not sure if we will decide road or mountain bike. Are you snowed in again or did it miss you?

  4. The snow missed us and we were hit with torrential downpours instead. The temps have been bi-polar, going from 50 degrees one day and dropping to 16 degrees 24 hours later. We have no idea, "what it's like outside," anymore until we actually walk out the door!