Friday, January 27, 2012

New Ride

I wish this post could be about an awesome new bike but alas, it's just about my latest auto.

Given that I found myself needing a new car about 6 months before I was financially ready to take the plunge, I wound up plunking down a chunk of change for a used SUV.

Meet my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder:

:sigh: It seems that every time I try and get a picture, the weather just won't cooperate. Nice crash bar, no?

In any case, my bike should fit in the back without a problem and my wallet will notice my new ride by how much gas the thing guzzles. I'm happy that I'm back on the road, free from depending on the kindness of friends and family to get me back and forth to work, but let's just say that any ideas of more trips to New Hampshire and Vermont to get in some good hill rides have been quietly quashed at the pump.

Hopefully, I'll be spending more of my weekends training instead of reading magazines at the repair shop this year. Last year, I even learned how to work the remote for the DirecTV in NTB's waiting area. So far, so good as I no longer need to stick my arm out to make left-hand turns and it even has heat. I'm also back in the water and starting to knock out laps and practice my technique.

My friend/co-worker/swim coach showed me a great video yesterday. This is Shinji Takeuchi, the new CEO of of Total Immersion Swimming. Of course, we critiqued him rather meticulously all the while admitting that we are nowhere near his level of expertise (okay, compared to him, we really suck). It's just beautiful to watch - note the underwater shots of his legs just "flicking" ever so gently and how he looks like he's skimming the surface like an otter on a lake. The audio isn't so hot though - the electronic background music should just be turned off.

I'm wondering if I watch it oh, say, maybe 1000 times, that I'll subconsciously pick up some good technique. Of course, if I practice 1000 times, that would probably help, too.


  1. Congratulations on getting your new wheels. Color is white, huh?
    Know what you mean at the pump. When my Camaro died, we got a little car to sub as a second car. Our truck gets 17 mpg on a good day and the little car was getting 30-35. Duh. Let's get a hitch for the little car to take our trips. Big difference.

    That guy wasn't swimming. He had a wire pulling him effortlessly through the water. Not a splash. Just a gentle wake in the water. Man, it would take me 10,001 times of practice. But, should I try to Tri as a friend was encouraging me to do, I was assured that using floaties and dog paddling are perfectly legal.

    Congrats and keep up the workouts. P.S. Christine is envious of your figuring out how to use the remote control.

  2. @Roy and Christine - I don't know if floaties are allowed at tris but pool noodles and snorkels usually are so... and I would suggest adding the sidestroke to your arsenal.
    Tell Chris that using the DirecTV remote doesn't do me any good at home. We have cable.